Welcoming the New Year - Starting the Year off on a Purposeful Note...

I have New Year’s Day rituals, either I use Powersheets and set goals for the upcoming year or I write a letter to myself dated a year in the future and include everything I want to accomplish in that year.

I am a doer; a goal oriented ambitious New Yorker. As a leadership coach and corporate trainer, I am in constant DO mode.  As a Yogi and Ayurveda Practitioner, I am in BE mode.  It’s a constant struggle to BE verses return to my default DO mode.

When I think of being, it simplifies things for me. Perhaps I can simplify for all of you goal-oriented go-getters that are making resolutions for 2018.

Ask yourself one simple question – “What makes me jump out of bed every morning?’

Whatever answer comes to mind, focus your attention on that! Align your goals, to do lists, every task you need to accomplish on the thing that makes your heart sing. Sound too simplistic?

Think about it...you spend most of your precious time at work. Whether your job is to work for a company, work for yourself or work for your family, you spend at the very minimum 1700 hours a year working. 

Devote your time and energy to something that makes your heart sing. 

I too was in your shoes a few years ago where I struggled day-to-day. I felt unmotivated and knew that my precious finite time was being wasted on something my heart wasn’t into. It took me a while to figure out how to incorporate everything I love into a business, where I literally jump out of bed and can’t wait to serve my clients. 

If I can do it, so can you! If you are dreading returning to work next week, I believe I can help.  Individual coaching involves an unbiased third party to help you shift your mindset, remove the obstacles that may be getting in your way, and put a plan in place to create change.

Let me help you find a way to put your passion into practice. Connect with me for a free consultation at neelukaur.com.