Corporate Education & Adult Learning

Through a detailed consultation process, I'll work with you to determine what is needed to boost the profitability of your organization. My training programs are designed around my core principle; that increased productivity, peacefulness and purpose boosts organizational profitability:


  • Radical Candor - Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Managing Unconscious Bias

  • New Manager Roadmap

  • Managing Your Manager

  • Insights for Self Awareness

  • Time Management for Peak Performance

  • Moving Through Conflict Efficiently

  • Communicating Across Cultures

  • Boosting Productivity through Embodied Emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Individual 1:1 Coaching


  • Communicate with Confidence - The Art of Public Speaking

  • Understand the Individual, Team, & Organizational Why

  • Supporting the Company Culture through Personal Branding

  • Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs to Create Engaged Teams

  • Individual 1:1 Coaching


  • Reset When Triggered

  • Motion Changes Emotion: Yoga & Movement

  • Mental Agility through Meditation

  • Create Cohesive Teams Through the Five Languages of Appreciation

  • Be Here Now through the 5 Senses

  • Yoga Nidra for Conscious Healing

  • Boost your Energy by Transitioning through the Seasons with Ease

  • Individual 1:1 Coaching


Clients & Testimonials

My adult learning programs span start-ups, large tech companies and financial services. Corporate training clients include:

  • Capco: Meditation and stress management workshops

  • Deloitte: Leadership Development Program design

  • Google: Leadership development courses

  • Delta Airlines: Employee engagement workshops