Productivity + Purpose + Peacefulness = Organizational Profitability

Focusing on the 3P's for organizational success, I offer curriculum design, facilitation and leadership coaching to thrive at work through Productivity (managing unconscious bias, conflict management, communicating across cultures, handling difficult conversations), Purpose (eliminating self-limiting beliefs, personal branding), and Peacefulness (tools and techniques rooted in stress management, mindfulness, mental agility).

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Corporate Training

With a mindful, systems approach, I examine the organizational ecosystem to identify factors contributing to the challenges facing your team. I teach practical skills that calm the stress and insecurity inherent in modern day working life, allowing your organization to achieve its full potential.

I have designed and delivered leadership development learning programs at start-ups, large tech companies and in financial services.  Clients include Google, Capco, Deloitte, and Salesforce

Wellness Programs

My wellness programs focus on improving focus and productivity through yoga, meditation, gratitude, and mindfulness. With a growth mindset approach, I help organizations create teams of focused, emotionally intelligent, and highly engaged employees.

I have designed and delivered wellness series focused on the following areas: sleep hygiene, mindful approaches to having difficult conversations, 5 Languages of Appreciation, increasing engagement through the five senses, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Yoga Asana.