Everyone has a purpose. When we identify and work to our purpose, amazing things happen, in our careers and in our lives.

As a corporate healer, I exist to bring harmony to working life. I help people apply their skills to important endeavors, and I bring tools and techniques to corporate training that allow teams to achieve common goals with courage and conviction.

If you spend Sundays filled with dread, call me.

If your organisation lacks employee commitment, call me.

I’ll give you personalised, practical advice in one free call.


Leadership & Career Coaching

Identify your goals and work towards achieving them, liberate your most powerful self by confronting limiting beliefs

Corporate Education & Adult Learning

Customized content design and delivery of corporate education programs for organizations ranging from large tech to financial services

Wellness, Yoga &

Get your body, mind and spirit working in harmony through Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness Coaching tailored to your needs