Dosha Quiz

According to Ayurveda (The Science of Life), we are a microcosm of the macrocosm

The five elements found in nature (Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth) are found in each cell of our body. The Doshas are governing energies of these five elements.  The Doshas are comprised of the following:

    So, what does this all mean?

    At the moment of birth, your Ayurvedic Constitution or 'Prakruti' is established. This Prakruti (your individual blueprint) is comprised of all five elements, which form the three Doshas. Your Doshas relate to your genetically inherited physical, mental and emotional qualities.

    Discover Your Dosha

    The following simple questionnaire will give you a fairly good idea of your Doshas. Everyone has all three Doshas, but in varying degrees. The majority of the population has a primary and secondary Dosha. Answer the questions based on your overall lifelong tendencies NOT according to any temporary or recent conditions. To accurately assess your Prakruti or Ayurvedic Constitution, you MUST speak with an Ayurvedic Specialist or Practitioner.

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    Choose at least one box in each column. If all the characteristics/descriptors in one box do not relate to you but most do, select that box. After you complete the questionnaire select 'submit' to see which of the Neelu Kaur Ayurvedic Oils are most suitable for you.

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    What color is your Yoga mat?
    How many years have you practiced Yoga?
    Physical Stature Slim and Slender, Tall or Short Moderately developed body, Medium Built Well built, Stout, Stocky
    Weight Light weight, hardly gain weight. If weight gain, can easily lose excess pounds Medium weight, Average, Good muscles, Do not gain weight very easily Heavy, Easy to gain weight, Very difficult to lose weight
    Chest Thin, Small, Narrow, Small Rib Cage Medium Broad, Large, Well developed bust
    Hands & Fingers Small, Thin, Dry, Cold, Rough, Unsteady, Long Thin Fingers Medium, Warm, Pink, Moist, Medium pointed fingers Large, Thick, Cool, Firm, Stocky Fingers
    Legs Thin, Excessively long, short, prominent joints Medium Large, Big, Stocky
    Complexion Dull, Darkish Red, Flushed, Glowing White, Pale
    Skin Thin, Dry, Cold, Rough, Cracked Warm, Moist, Pink with moles, Freckles, Acne prone Thick, White, Moist, Cold, Soft, Smooth
    Hair Thin, Dry, Straight, Dandruff often Moderate, Fine, Receding Hairline, Tendency to early balding or graying Oily, Thick, Very Wavy, Lustrous
    Shape of Face Oval, Narrow Triangular, Sharp Angle, Sharp contours Large, Round, Fat, White or pale, Soft contours
    Eyes Small, Dry, Thin, Unsteady Medium, Sharp, Piercing Big, Lustrous, Oily, Attractive
    Lips Thin, Small, Darkish, Dry Medium, Soft, Nice curve Thick, Large, Oily, Smooth, Firm
    Joints Small, Thin, Cracking Medium, Soft, Loose Large, Thick, Deep Seated
    Nails Thin, Vertical ridges, Dry, Rough, Cracked Medium, Soft, Pink Large, Thick, Smooth, White, Oily
    Voice Weak, Hoarse Sharp, Strong Tone Deep, Good Tone
    Appetite Irregular, Erratic, Goes up and down Strong, Sharp, Can't tolerate hunger Slow, Steady, Can easily skip meals
    Bowel Movements Tend to constipate, Skip days, Dry Stools, Produce Gas Tend to get diarrhea, loose stools Regular, Once or twice a day, Well formed stools
    Sleep Interrupted, Wake up off and on, Insomnia, Wake up in the middle of the night Light sleeper, May wake up but will fall back asleep, May have a hard time falling asleep Heavy sleep, Difficulty in waking up
    Dreams Flying, Jumping, Moving, Nightmares, Dreams often Vivid colors in dream, Passionate Romantic, Sentimental, Few dreams
    Hobbies Art, Dance, Running, Aerobics (action), Travel Politics, Sports (winning) Reading, Gardening, Nature walks
    Activities Quick, Fast, Unsteady, In bursts, Hyperactive Precise, Orderly, Thoughtful, Motivated, Purposeful, Goal Seeking Slow, Steady, Relaxed
    Stamina/Strength Low stamina, Poor endurance, Get tired after some activity Medium Good endurance, Keep working for long duration
    Weather Preference Enjoy warm and humid Enjoy cooler weather Enjoy dry and warm weather
    Resistance to Disorder Weak immune system, Fall sick frequently Moderate Immune, Prone to infections Strong immune system, Do not fall sick very easily
    Health Problems Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety, Mental Disorders, Nervous System Disorders Fevers, Heartburn, Skin Issues Respiratory system disorders, Congestion (mucus), Water Retention, Swelling
    Mind Restless Impatient Calm
    Emotions Anxious, Worried Irritable, Determined Calm, Attachment