Dosha Results - Old Template

According to Ayurveda (The Science of Life), we are a microcosm of the macrocosm

The five elements found in nature (Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth) are found in each cell of our body. The Doshas are governing energies of these five elements.  The Doshas are comprised of the following:

  • Vata Dosha = Space + Air
  • Pitta Dosha = ¬†Fire + Water
  • Kapha Dosha = Water + Earth

So, what does this all mean?

At the moment of birth, your Ayurvedic Constitution or 'Prakruti' is established. This Prakruti or your individual blueprint is comprised of all five elements, which form the three Doshas. Your Doshas relate to your genetically inherited physical, mental and emotional qualities.

Discover Your Dosha

This quiz gathers information about your true nature - the basic patterns that have been true for most of your life. If more than one quality is applicable in each characteristic, choose the one that applies the most.


Your primary Dosha is Kapha. You should try Shakti.

Beyond these Dosha specific recommendations, our products Amrit and Yogini Bliss are suitable for all.