Sattvic Living

We often hear and talk about the interplay of body, mind and spirit, but it’s easy to lose the connection between these three areas of our being in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  When one of these areas is out of alignment, all areas of our life suffer. At SattvicLiving, our philosophy is to ensure that your body, mind and spirit are working in harmony through Yoga, Ayurveda and wellness coaching designed to focus on your specific goals.

Our Services

Yoga and Meditation Sessions
SattvicLiving combines yoga asana and pranayama breathing techniques, designing private individual and group sessions based on your needs and ability.

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Individual Ayurveda Consultation
Ayurveda provides information, awareness and remedies for your ailments.  Beginning with an understanding of your unique constitution, SattvicLiving guides you through lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health using nutrition counseling, yoga and meditation.

Your individual consultation includes:

  • Prakruti evaluation, including a thorough analysis of the five elements within your body (space, air, fire, water & earth)
  • An analysis of your primary and secondary Dosha, and
  • Recommendations for improving imbalances through yoga, meditation and nutrition.

Career Coaching
Through personalized coaching sessions, you can explore possibilities of a new more fulfilling beginning, where the focus is on figuring out how to feed your soul, whether it’s starting your own business, transitioning your career or moving through a significant life event.

Private Coaching
We offer single coaching sessions as well as coaching packages to assist individuals with a specific problem or goal.

Group Coaching
We offer seminars and interactive sessions for groups as well as multi-session series focused on specific topics, such as professional development or starting a business.

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