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Neelu has brought a fresh perspective on adult learning, coaching and leadership development to Capco.  She is a thought leader in the learning & development and wellness space, and is one of our highest rated facilitators in North America.  Neelu designs research-based content for leadership programs and off-sites that has strongly supported Capco people in becoming outstanding consultants. Neelu also launched a wellness series and continues to enrich the lives of Capco'ites. Neelu is a highly talented content designer and facilitator and has made a truly significant contribution to Capco.  

- Anita Donnelly, North America Director of Learning & Development, Capco

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Neelu was a strong moderator for our two day offsite, helping us drive toward a shared vision for our cross-functional team.  Over the two days Neelu led various transformational team collaboration exercises and mission statement development that not only strengthened the bonds across our team, but also enabled us to develop a team credo and establish principles for ways of working.

I'd highly recommend Neelu and have her moderate a session for us again.

- Stephanie Redish Hofmann, Director of Agency Development, Google

Cat Woodteam

In the consulting industry, we are always in front of clients demonstrating our expertise and solving hard problems under stressful conditions. Learning and development is a key component in being successful in that challenge. Capco has always focused on its people and offered solutions that would help us in our career and personal growth. Enter Neelu. I had the distinct pleasure in taking a series of learning and development courses delivered by Neelu, including presentation skills, and wellness areas such as meditation. After all the courses, I took away key learnings that I have applied in my career and in my personal life. I have been a huge advocate of the courses and Neelu since. I have asked my team to follow suit. They have validated my opinion in the value add of the teachings Neelu has provided.

- Milton Lopez, Managing Principal, Capco NA

Cat Woodteam